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Save the date for G2E Gaming Conferences 2014


G2E Global Gaming Conferences continues to add new features and quality programming for all those operating in the gaming business.

G2E 2014 Highlights coming soon!

Some of the titles treated in the past G2E Conferences;

The Latest Research in Mood Disorders
Traffic Driving Content, Building Excitement
IP Convergence Case Study, The Clashing of Two Worlds
Social Media Benchmarks
G2E 101 – Food & Beverage
The Masters Degree in Gaming Management at UNLV
Youth Gambling
Casino Management Myths and Research
Effectively Marketing to Players
European Opportunities

Hot Attractions and Cool Amenities – What Works Better in What Situation?
Investing in Gaming
Decisions – How to Understand Your Customers
What Regulators must Know on Evaluating Responsible Gaming Strategies
Lessons and a Model Policy for Casinos, Hotels and Night Clubs
The Silent Communication: Reading Human Behaviors
Lessons Learned in North America and Europe; Experience Counts!
Undercover Operatives, Video Cams and Covert Investigations in the Workplace
What Happens in Las Vegas – Likely Will Happen to You Too
How a Tribal i-Gaming Business Could Work
The Best 2013 Sherpie Winners
G2E 101 – Casino Marketing
Lotteries and the Private Sector, Clash of the Titans
The Regulators Role in the Technology Oversight
Creating Values for Your Casino Customers
How Sports Betting can work well in all Casinos
Characteristics of online Gamblers Who Trigger Responsible Gambling Interventions
Destination vs. Regional: Differing Approaches to Table Games Operations
How To Fix a Casino – Moves That Breathe life in the Casino
Payment Processing

Advancements in reservations and Gaming marketing
The Latest Update on Land Into Trust
Casino Design around the World
Online Relationship – Online Vendors
CEO Roundtable – View from the Top
How Tribes and local governments could working together
Rebranding a Tired Casino and Making it New Again
Overview of the Leisure and Hospitality Sector in Asia
The Advancement of Women in the Gaming business
Scams and Busts – How to Avoid them
Betting on Baccarat game
Trends in Player Development

Project ‘Amenity Programming’ for Asian Resorts
Playing by Device – Making It Mobile
Lessons in Marketing for the Effective Promotion of Responsible Gaming
Casino Games Protection
Strategic Partnering
Social Gaming Technology
What information can Regulators in gaming request – Confidentially Speaking.
Cloud Technology – Protecting and Building a Data Warehouse
Finance Agreements, Technical Assistance and Training – National Indian Gaming Commission
REITs & Spin offs – The Structure of Future Gaming Business

Partnerships in the Gaming Industry
Hacking – How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Networks
Indian Country Online – Facts
Hospitality in Gaming
Standardization of Surveillance
Great Designs in Indian Country
Accounting Guide
Surveillance in Night Clubs and Bars
Armed with Data – A View of the Customer

Regulating Social Gaming
The “6-60 Report”: 6 Recent Scams in 60 Minutes
Casino Connections – Social Media Today
G2E on Finance
Brand Building
Sweeping the Sweepstakes
Detecting Fraud, Scams and Internal Theft
Social Games – Marketing to Online Players

How must Tribal Regulators Work to Assure Integrity
Dealing With Jurisdictional Disputes
Impact of the ‘Affordable Care Act’ on the Treatment of Gambling
How to Make a Lounge or Showroom Work
How Casino Players respond to new High Tech initiatives
Renegotiating Compacts – End of the Road or New Opportunity?
Connecting With Your Customers
Vietnam’s Ho Tram Casino and Resort Project – Case Study
Developing Employees through Affinity Groups
Casino del Sol – Design Case Study
Protecting Your Games

Cash Business – Updates for Gaming Operators
For Effective Communication Become a Better Listener
Business Intelligence – How to Mitigate Litigation With IP Integrations
Building a Brand by Using Non Gaming Amenities as Attractions
Multiplayer electronic Table Games
How the Economy Impacts Gaming
Experience and Wisdom in Design
Focus on Resorts and Casinos on Taiwan and Philippines
What must Every Gaming Executive Needs to Know about The Crowd, The Cloud, Mobile and Big Data.
The Future of Gaming Entertainment
G2E 101 – Casino Operations
The Role of Analysis in Gaming Management
Addiction Medicine – Closing the Gap between Practice and Science
Alcohol and Drug Use – Cutting Into the Profits
Executive Education in the Global Gaming business will no Longer a “Luxury”
G2E 101 – Human Resources

Infobesity – Information Flow
Global Adoption of GSA Guidelines
Cyber Attacks in the Gaming Industry
Asian Outline: Regulation, Legalization and Growth
Blackjack Bonus, Side Bets and Advantage Play
Comp Formulas
Capital Markets – Amend-Extend, Debt, Equity…
Casino Design in the Future
Growth of the Latin American Gaming
New Trends in Beverage Operations
Affiliate Business – How the Online Gaming Marketing is changing
G2E regulation, integrity and innovation in the future
Reinventing Your Slot Floor
Competitive Markets, Profitability Marketing
Smart Phones and Devices are the challenge for surveillance and security in the Casinos
The Public’s Role in Gaming industry

Introducing the NEW $100 bill. – The Federal Reserve Board
The Basics in Big Data Analytics
Cost effective design: small programs, big profits
What makes a great Online Poker Website?
Shipping rules, e-filing and Regulatory changes
How Technology Will Revolutionize the Casinos of the Future
Profitability Marketing in Remote Locations
Big Data Analytics
M&A and Consolidation
CVT-The business Tool to improve interoperability for G2S
Cost-Effective Casino Entertainment
Is Vegas Back? Building Boom.
Mobile and Tablets. Expanding Delivery Systems
Social Gaming – Gateway or Revenue Stream?
How to Reduce the Chance of Being Sued by an Employee
Vendors Licensing
View from Washington – Capitol Chatter
Momentum – Is It Building for State-by-State Regulation in the United States?
Communication Technology to Tackle Gambling addiction

G2E 2014 Highlights coming soon!

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