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Game QA & Localisation Europe 2015

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Barcelona, Spain
  • Cost: 1199 EUR Game Developer & Publisher Standard, 3299 EUR Vendor Standard
  • +44 (0) 207 368 9300
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180+ people met in London last year, where we focused on automation, hearing some fantastic talks & examples of the how, when & why of implementation. While automation is still a hot subject in both fields, this year with our change of scenery we also welcome a change of perspective. Let’s examine the role and place QA and loc have within game development; while historically seen as a ‘necessary evil’, these days it feels like we’ve finally turned a corner, entering a new era where quality and immersion – both outcomes of effective QA and localisation – are actual selling points for games, even going as far as differentiating against competition. Yet why is it that both internally & externally the old perception of being the outsiders, or not as critical to the end result, still commonly persists? This year we look to discuss that role that these essential functions play in the bigger picture, and to equip ourselves with the ammunition and confidence to sell our functions and demonstrate their ROI; both to studio or publisher exec and – eventually – to the public. Of course, we will also discuss the ever-important matters of planning, budgeting, team culture and people management, best practices and further thoughts on automation, continuing in our mission to help raise the bar for the quality of QA and localisation throughout the games industry.

*Experience Europe’s only professional gathering for QA and localisation managers in the games industry
*Get exclusive insights from studios and publishers large and small, console, mobile, online and social – totally inclusive!
*Make new contacts and renew old ones in the only environment that’s designed exclusively for you and your peers!
*Discuss the place of QA & loc in game development – no longer the outsiders, but critical to product success
*Equip yourself with the tool to sell the value of QA/loc both internally and externally – get that buy-in
*Help to define new industry standards and best practice

Speakers: Mike Gilmartin VP Platform Development Services Blizzard, Dave Mitchell QA Director CCP, Dave Parkinson FPQA Director SCEE, Jim Woods Director Development Services SEGA, Charlie Harris Head of Studio Localisation SEGA, Eric Kieffer Head of QA King, Stephan Beier Director Game Operations Bigpoint, François Fouchet Localisation Supervisor at Rockstar Lincoln, Thomas Petersen QA and Support Director Unity, John Walsh Studio Head Skara the Blade Remains Ltd, Scott Thompson QA Manager Jagex Games Studio, Gunnar Hojem Senior Project Manager Localisation SCEE, Stuart Pratt Delivery Manager PKR, Artur Foxander Senior QA Manager Paradox, Jennifer Vela Valido Localisation Quality Manager Expedia, Nadine Martin Senior Manager Test Operations (Global First Party QA) SCEE, Anna Jenelius Senior QA Manager Paradox, Simone Schreiber German Linguistic Owner CCP Games, Björgvin Reynisson QA Engineer CCP Games, Dario Quondamstefano Localization QA Analyst Wooga, Tomek Paszek QA Toolsmith Engineer Unity, Curri Barcelo Director LocaliseMe

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